25.04.17 - practice, practice and a blog



With the baby just turning 6 months, things in my drum world are just starting to get going again. Top of the list is my practicing, I have been back on the practice pad of a morning and its hilarious as the baby is engrossed every time I play!  I'm really enjoying this time, improving upon my technique and being able to see progress already.

I have a few things in the pipeline and am feeling all excited about my playing again. Hooray!

 I've never been a great writer but for some reason I started writing a blog about drumming and motherhood whilst I was pregnant, I update it more then this news section as of late (1) So if you're interested in how I'm merging motherhood with drumming then please do take a look:




Thanks for reading.





14.02.17 - Happy Valentines!


Hi all!

It's been a while! Lots of change the past year for me, top of the list is to mention I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in October and have been loving every step of motherhood since then.

I am now based in Essex and will be resuming teaching and gigging in the next few months so please do get in touch if you are interested in any lessons. Currently my studio is in Leyton but am open to home visits within the Essex area.

On the gig front I have some exciting news involving the Sirens but am not aloud to reveal all until its 100% confirmed....so watch this space!



More news, lessons and gig info coming soon.



Happy Valentines to you all <3




11.04.16 - sessions & TEACHING

Hi All!
I feel that months have just flown by so quickly this year! Crazy!

I have been lucky enough to be involved with some cool projects lately, I got to play The Lyric Theatre for a wonderful evening celebrating the life of Jonathan Larson (who wrote RENT) which was for one night only and included some beautiful music.

I also got to play for the band HYMNS for their new EP, of which you can listen to here:

Some videos coming soon for the above as I managed to film most of the days recording.

But for now, here is a tiny snippet of another track by HYMNS called London:



Helen & the Sirens are still going strong and have some festivals booked which I can announce soon, also a gorgeous evening planned with Darling Boy at the end of the month (Please check out the gigs page).

Lastly, I've started teaching again. Enjoying it very much and so if anyone is interested in lessons then just send me an email from my contact page.


Much love





07.01.16 - Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you!

I hope you saw the New Year in surrounded by those you loved and are enjoying all that 2016 is bringing you so far.
The start to my year has been pretty great with lots of moments of inspiration and with the completion of my practice room.

New gigs are coming but a new addition to my site is my INSPIRATION page which is basically a little blog by me sharing all the tips and lessons I'm learning and have learnt in the hope that what helps me may help you :)


I have also updated my Lessons page as I am now available to teach from my studio and my media page combines all my pics and videos.


Hope to see you at a show soon.




01.08.15 - Quick update

Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying the summer!

I've had an amazing few months - what with gigging around Germany with the big heads and most recently I got to record a very new and exciting video for Helen & the Sirens!

We are so excited for you to see it! It's for the first single from our new EP 'SIX' and the song is called America. More about that soon but for now check out the tour page for newly released gig dates.



22.06.15 - EP's, New music and gigs!

Well... I am finally a MRS! (I am now Mrs Chinniah...but for this place and all things drums, Lavers is staying!)
I had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon and now its straight back in to band rehearsals!

The new Sirens EP has finally arrived and we have been rehearsing hard so that our shows will be near flawless and I cannot wait to post more about this with all our dates :)

I've also been practicing some new War Elephant material as we are set to record a brand new album and book some shows. 

So lots to look forward to for the next few months and we have a new addition to the drum family.... Please welcome Gavin, my lovely new snare drum:




The interviews I did for Tom Tom Magazine were published and it was so fantastic to see them in print, you can order your copy here http://tomtommag.com/

Lastly, here's a little sneak peak in to what the Sirens have been up to:



More updates and gig info soon




04.03.15 - Wedding bells & Chit chat


What an amazing start to 2015!!!
I have had the pleasure of doing a few Drum interviews at the start of the year.  Both of which I will post about once published! AND.... I also went to a rather amazing STOMP audition!

Stomp is one of my favourite shows (what drummer doesn't like this show?!!) Its probably most drummers' dream to do it and I was lucky enough to audition and get a call back! It is always a pleasure to meet the Stomp guys and try some Stomping out and I even wrote a little article about it which I will again post a link to once in Print.

So now for some BIG news....I'm getting married!!! 

In just over 10 weeks' time I will be walking down the aisle!  Hopefully my inner bridezilla has NOT made an appearance (yet!).

But am super excited and am fully immersed in the world of weddings and all the craziness it brings!


I can't really top that news but please note some additional gig dates with the Big Heads and stay tuned for more Siren news.


Over and Out.


- Ciz





05.01.15 - Happy New Year!


It's The New Year!! Which can only mean one thing.... A new website redesign!! BooYaaa!!!


Well... here it is, Square Space Rocks!!  I was reminded about Square Space through listening to a Podcast recently (Anyone else get in to Serial?!!) And I thought "Huh... Now THATS what I need! A new cool site"

So here it is. 


Apart from expanding my play list to include many new Podcasts (seriously, SERIAL... If you haven't listened yet WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?!) I have been playing some wonderful shows in London and have been busy working behind the scenes with Helen & the Sirens on our new EP six. As much as I want to give you a link to download it - it's not quite ready!  As I write this we are literally weeks a way from getting the CDs pressed and getting it released on iTunes. Many people helped us make the EP as it was purely funded through Pledge Music, we are super SUPER excited to get it out there so pleeeease! Watch. This. Space



Happy New Year